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OnTurf Sports provides more information to make the lives of the coaches, parents and players easier and the events more enjoyable.
We help you get in the game, reward you for great play, share the results and promote players and teams.

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We understand the challenges everyone faces. We here to help you get the most out of your family time and experiences. At one time in our combined 50 plus years of experience, just like you we've been the participant, the coach, the umpire and the parent. Our sons have gone through the recruiting process and played on college teams. One won a Juco World Series title and is playing professional baseball. So ask questions. We'll try to help you any way we can.

  • Mission - Bringing people together through sports!
  • Communication - We provide event information for everyone involved through direct contact with the team representative, our website, social media and other web based services.
  • Relationships - We love seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Sharing the time and experiences together to us is the best part of sports. Our events are an opportunity to build relationships. That's what you will remember!

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OnTurf Sports
Joel Holloway
OnTurf Sports
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Director - UIC
USSSA Indiana
Kory Scaringe
IN Baseball State Director

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