College Softball Showcase

Get exposure for every player on your team with 3 games in front of university coaches.
Campus tours are encouraged for showcase participants as time and schedule permits.

14u, 16u and 18u
Make the Connection !

On the Fields of
Manchester University
and local complex
  September 10 & 11, 2022  

Online Registration
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$425 - 3 Game Format
Includes Gate

Colleges and Universities

Proof of Team Insurance and a signed team waiver form are required to participate in the College Showcase.

  1. Check-in required by a team representative one hour before your first game at the registration canopy.
  2. Event is governed by IHSAA rules.
  3. Event will consist of 3 game format.
  4. Game Time Limit: One hour and 15 minutes Drop Dead.
  5. Choice of dugouts are on a first come first serve basis.
  6. All players/teams must be in uniform.
  7. In the event that games are cancelled due to weather, the following refund policy will apply for this event.
    • 0 games played: 100% refund
    • 1 game played: 50% refund
    • 2 or more games played: No Refund
    • Inclement Weather: See the Twitter feed below. Thank You!
  8. Game Play:
    • Free Substitution of all players is allowed.
    • Mercy Rule for all games will follow:
      • 12 runs after 3 innings
      • 10 runs after 4 innings
      • 8 runs after 5 innings